Founders Note

Time was passing by and I have asked myself several times, why are you doing what you do?

My mind was playing this game with me in the past. I was trying to understand what my mind wanted to tell me and while digging deeper, I noticed that there were many possibilities to change something in this world and have fun doing so.

During this time, I talked to my family, many friends, business people, and strangers I just met on events or in the streets, telling them about my idea and vision. And I can tell, it was fascinating to see how they started to be interested in this idea – their eyes starting to sparkle and happiness was visible in their faces. Bottom line, they believed that this could be done! What a great moment, to get this feedback!

Based on all this I developed the vision of Concept for Change and started to put it into reality.

To put this into once sentence, I would say, that it is an honor while being fun, to change something in this world, to bring people together, create happiness, and give people and nature a new chance.

Looking into the future, I only started this but it is not the end. This is only the first step. You can be part of this great endeavor to have lots of fun and meet great people all around the globe!

Talk to you soon!