Fouad (Frank) Jaffer – Ambassador of Concept for Change

Biography: Fouad (Frank) Jaffer

After graduating from the London Business School in 1989, Mr Jaffer has played a key part of the global Telcommunication community. Beginning his career at Kingfisher International “Then Family business”.

Mr Jaffer has since founded SENKO Advanced Components  APAC in Melbourne, Australia  1999, where he has since been Managing Director, as well as Sr. Vice President of Global Business Development managing global expansion plans for SENKO Group.

This role often carries him around the globe, keeping him constantly in the loop of the global fiber optic industry & other telecom related sectors with his core vision to contribute a commected society as a drive for his passion.

His rich industry experience, knowledge and strong business / Government and non profit organisation affiliations have allowed Mr Jaffer to become a key leader in fiber optical components, equipment, FTTX solutions and optical network consultation and education.

Mr. Jaffer’s influence on the industry was acknowledged when he was awarded “Scientist of the Year” in 2007 for introducing a “photonics module” into the Physics curriculum subject. This was a world first innovative approach to introduce light photonics to children from year 8 and 12.

Along with his business accomplishments, Mr Jaffer has always been an industry figure and voluntary advisory board within local and federal governments to assist export for the Australian fiber optic industry.

Mr. Jaffer was and part of the Founding Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Asia Pacific and more than two terms President plus one year Global Chairman of FCGA a rotating role among collegues globally.

The Asia Pacific FTTH Council itself is a non-profit organization established in 2005 to supply a consistent and accurate view of FTTH, promote the market development of the technology and also to be recognised by the industry as ‘the’ FTTH resource. Mr. Jaffer started from day one and after 9 years of contribution achievd many prestigious awards from FCGA  ( FTTH Council Global Alliance & co- founder of this new international commetee .

Created a movement and helped establish the Give Me Fiber day on 4thnovember that is now globally celebrated  to respect the invetor.

He currently holds a board position in varuiois Indeginous NPO organisation to support local market  with his interest in Education and Digitalising rural schools and communities .

With Global offices in all continents Frank has access to support exporters in all aspectes of the busienss  process and inyroduce potential invertment funds and partnerships.

His vision is to empower the people with pasison and to service coomunities in first world nation as his family history.

A great honorable astist in Japan has awarded him with a plarke with his charater that says 

Give is Given for Jaffer Family and this is the legacy he trives to leave behind .

Frank Jaffer