Concept for Change

Concept for Change

Concept for Change is an inspiration to everyone, to foster positive change. With Concept for Change we provide the opportunity to bring people together from around the globe, to define and realize social and non-profit projects and activities, to change something and to provide disadvantaged people/groups a new chance.

With our certified project managers, we can manage small, as well as large and complex projects successfully. The project size is irrelevant but it is important to generate positive effects and change, by not only focusing on a single target group or area, but by combining synergies of everything and everyone.

We are looking forward to anyone, who contacts us, who has a great idea or vision of a potential project or activity. Without prejudice and open-minded, together we will evaluate the opportunity if and how it can be realized, and to make sure that it is in line with our values and constitution.

As foundation, „Concept for Change gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)“ was founded and registered on the 29th of June 2017 in Germany. Based on the notice of assessment, by the government tax office, we have been acknowledged and accredited as corporation which serves and follows exclusive and directly a non-profit-making and tax-privileged aim, based on §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO.

Concept for Change is a driver to build, experience, and share the positive energy in this world, together with everyone!