Social Responsibility Program

Concept for Change is getting engaged and runs in various social and charitable projects, which we define ourselves or together with our trusted partners and friends. These projects can be linked to different domains. It is important for Concept for Change, that the result of the project supports our constitution.


Following the principal of "lifelong-learning", we perform educational workshops and supporting schools and university programs.

The Digital Challenge

Everyone talks about it but we try to solve the mystery by helping to understand and to close the digital gap.

Cultural Projects

In this fast moving time, we support and run project based on the different cultures in the world, to promote and to keep them alive, for our history and as our foundation.

Marginalized Community

Marginalized Community feel left behind, but this has not to be the case - great project with great people, an experience for everyone!

Support Community Services

Every community provides critical and needed services, which everyone should support! Therefore we are very proud and happy to support them too!

Creative Art

Creative Art covers a wide range of activities. Many of them are not possible without support. We are there to support!

The challenge to be old

No one like to get old, but we cannot prevent it. What we can do is to identify simple projects for them and support.

Rescue a Historical Building

Looking at historical buildings in small towns, it gets very difficult to maintain and keep them, as the business case for restoration does not add up, leading to dilapidation of the building. Let's rescue one and give it a new purpose!