Playmobil Donation Box (Lügde)

Concept for Change seeks and collects Playmobil toys, new or used, for charitable projects and workshops for children in Luegde and other communities.

The Playmobil donations are used to create animated films with children from the age of 5 years. The Playmobil should serve as an actor and is needed for the stage design. The workshops promote creativity, team work, willingness to compromise and much more among the children.

You find our donation box for Playmobil from

17.09. to 03.10.2018

at the

Am Ramberg 1
32676 Lügde

For questions and further information write an email to or visit our website.

Thanks for your support

Please accept our apologies, the following PDF documents are available in German only, as the project is currently a German based project:

Donation Box Sticker

Poster 1


Poster 2