Fundraising Events & Activities

Already as a child people tell you, that the coin has always two sides. Fund raising is different! Yes, you might say that it has two sides, as one gives and one gets. But if you look at the people, it is actually different. The initial act creates happiness on both sides, for the one giving and for the one receiving! To take one step further, it initiates a multiplying effect. With the funds raised, Concept for Change can increase happiness with every single initiative or project we do.

With fundraising you will have fun, create happiness, and makes yourself standing out of the crowds – you are and will be special!

Fundraising Events

Have your own fundraising event. Plan it yourself or let us help you to change your event into a unique fundraising event.

➤ Corporate fundraising events

➤ School fundraising events

➤ Private fundraising events (birthdays, celebrations, gaming evenings, etc.)

Fundraising Initiatives

Dedicated initiatives to collect items Concept for Change needs for their projects

➤ School initiatives to collect used toys and games

➤ Local city or village donation collection activities

You have a great Fundraising idea ...

Think out of the box, what could help us to collect funds or items we need to change the world.

Please contact us through the form, phone, or email, to get your fundraising going.

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    Be part of it, create happiness and help us to change the world!