Concept for Change is a not-for-profit organization and an inspiration to everyone, to foster positive change. With Concept for Change we create opportunities for our members, while bringing people together from around the globe, to define and realize social and non-profit projects and activities, to make a difference and to provide disadvantaged people/groups a new opportunity.

The membership of Concept for Change is structured on levels, focusing on impact areas, where Concept for Change can make a difference and develop new opportunities for its members.

As member, we welcome any company, business entity, non-profit organization, academic institution or individual that shares the same values and vision as Concept for Change and likes to be actively involved in the development of change and opportunities, drive new activities and engagements, and wants to excelerate the positive impact of Concept for Change.

Membership Levels

Being a member with Concept for Change is a great opportunity for everyone. There are four membership levels to choose from, with different benefits. The member benefits are dependent on the membership level, as well as on the engagement of the member themselves– more engagement will lead to improved benefits.

Concept Member

A Concept Member is open to participate and access the benefits of any chapter, as well as, society activity of Concept for Change. A Concept Member can be part of one, several, or all chapters, including the Society Chapter, and access the benefit from all of them. This level has the greatest benefits of all members.

Chapter Member

A Chapter Member is open to participate in one dedicated chapter and will have access to the benefit dedicated of this specific chapter.

Society Chapter Member

A Society Chapter Member is dedicatet to the social and educational activities of Concept for Change, to be active, engaged, and to benefit from its activities. As Society Chapter Member the benefits are restricted to this chapter.

Supportive Member

A Supportive Member  is a member who decides to support Concept for Change financially with an agreed donation (one time or recurrent) and no active role in its activities. A tax deductable receipt for donation will be provided upon request.

Member Benefits

The member benefits depend on the membership level, selected chapter(s) as well as the engagement of the member itslef – higher engagement will lead to improved benefits.

Examples of member benefits are:

  • Active participation on opportunity development and chapter activities
  • Pre-notification on opportunities and pilots developed within the chapter
  • Involvement in and access to chapter related information, studies, researches, and white papers
  • Involvement on solution development activities
  • Involvement in discussion with stakeholder on dedicated events or activities
  • Discounts on events and dedicated activities
  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Early access to sponsoring opportunities
  • Branding opportunities
  • Upfront notification for tendering participation
  • Right to mentioned the support and engagement within Concept for Change
  • Coportate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Through support or participation on activities and projects
    • Development of member specific CSR activities (local or global)
    • PR opportortunities for CSR engagements

Membership Fee

The membership fee is an annual recurring fee, based on the selected membership level:

   Concept Member                               € 2.250  (participation in all chapters)      

   Chapter Member                               € 1.000  (participation restricted to one chapter)

   Society Chapter Member                € 250      (participation restricted to the society chapter)

   Supportive Member                         Based on agreement

A reduced membership fee for non-profit organisation is possibile and can be agreed, based on a case by case decision  depedning on the benefits this organization brings to Concept for Change overal vision and goals.

Chapter Overview

Currently the following chapters are implemented:

   Infrastructure Chapter    (Utility – Communication & Electricity Infrastructure)

   ICT Chapter                       (Information and Communications Technology)

   Health Chapter                  (Health, eHealth, Hospital, etc.)

   Society Chapter                 (Education, Cultural, Art, and Social Engagmenets)