Social & Charity Projects

Concept for Change is getting engaged and runs in various social and charitable projects, which we define ourselves or together with our trusted partners and friends.

These projects can be linked to different domains, like education, the digital challenge, cultural activities, marginalized communities, support of community services, creative art, elderly people, or rescuing historical buildings.

It is important for Concept for Change, that the result of the project supports our constitution of Concept for Change.

Concept for Change Projects Examples

Curious what Concept for Change project look like? Here a few sample projects Concept for Change has done, as part of our Social Responsibility Program


➤ School Workshops
➤ Children Workshops


➤ Customized internship program


➤ Family Fun Events
➤ Outdoor Events (bike ride, hiking, etc.)

Community Support

➤ Holiday Programs
➤ Supporting Tombola as Fundraising activities for volunteering firefighters

Additional Projects

➤ Engagement with elderly living projects
➤ Supporting Inter-Cultural-Communication

Do you have a great project idea?

Do you have a great idea for a project, which fits within our vision and constitution, and you would like to realize it together with Concept for Change?

Please do not hesitate and contact us through the form, phone, or email.

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