About us

Concept for Change

Concept for Change is an inspiration to everyone, to foster positive change. With Concept for Change we provide the opportunity to bring people together from around the globe, to define and realize social and professional projects and activities.

Addressing global challenges, in a holistic and sustainable approach, Concept for Change incorporates all “B Corp” standards, considering the entire ecosystem, and connecting various company types, industries, and groups of interest.

Concept for Change is a driver to build, experience, and share the positive energy in this world, together with everyone!

We are Not-for-Profit

As foundation, „Concept for Change gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)“ was founded and registered on the 29th of June 2017 in Germany. Based on our strong constitution and the notice of assessment, by the government tax office, we have been acknowledged and accredited as corporation which serves and follows exclusive and directly a non-profit-making and tax-privileged aim, based on §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO.

The authorities are revewing the acknoledgement and accreditation on an annual base, confirimg that Conept for Change continiusly serves and follows exclusive and directly a non-profit-making aim.

Concept for Change is the Corporate Social Responsibility partner of choice.

The Concept for Change Difference

Many people and organization belief they can do and know everything. But is there really someone or an organization who knows everything, to the same level of a subject matter expert or professional?

Concept for changes does not have all the answers and we are not an expert in every field! Therefor we belief that success is the result of bringing the best-in-class people and organization together, in an environment of trust and partnership, were everyone has the same target: Success and enjoying getting there.

Concept for Changes managed projects and research programs are planned and executed by passionate organizations and people who own the solutions.

CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility

We know what we can and can’t do

We listen and have an open mind

We trust and respect

Board of Advisors

Making sure we move into the right direction

We are all professionals in our occupations, unfortunately not in every occupation. This is alright and natural.

To make sure Concept for Change is always moving into the right direction and acting with integrity, support from professionals with different occupational background and experiences is needed.

Concept for Change is proud to have volunteers within its Board of Advisors, to support Concept for Change with advice in their field of occupation. Their continuous support is highly appreciated.

Many thanks to our voluntary Board of Advisors!

Meet our Founder & Ambassadors

Our Founder and Ambassadors spread the word about Concept for Change and support our ambitious endeavors we are undertaken.

Rafael A. Jaron

Rafael A. Jaron

Founder & CEO, Concept for Change
Director Public Sector Broadband Practice, Nokia

Entrepreneurial-minded professional with over 22 years of professional experience across the globe (19 years within the telecommunication industry).

Former Director of the Board of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific.

Founding Member and past Chairman of the Board of the “Austrian Network in Belgium asbl”.

Frank Jaffer

Dr. Fouad (Frank) Jaffer

Managing Director and Sr. Vice President of Global Business Development managing global expansion plans for SENKO Group.

“Scientist of the Year” in 2007 for introducing a “photonics module” into the Physics curriculum subject.

Founding Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Asia Pacific and more than two terms President plus one year Global Chairman of FCGA.