Programs of Concept for Change

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Research & Development Programs

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Our research and development programs are fundamental to Concept for Change. With these programs we create new knowledge and information, to support our existing projects, develop new projects and programs, and create opportunities.

Impact Analysis

Understanding the impact of an engagement beforehand makes a real difference. It helps evaluating if a project makes sense, it supports project planning and implementation, as well as the overall business case modeling and financial planning.

Lesson Learned & Best Practices

Looking at a global scale, projects are delivered everywhere, and most of the time they are very similar. Unfortunate lesson learned and best practices are not always shared or only some positive experiences will be shared, as no one likes to talk about their failures or mistakes.
Concept for change is collecting both positive and negative lesson learned, from a neutral point of view and defining and sharing best practices.

Development Projects

Seeing the needs and understanding the impact can lead to great opportunities.
Concept for Change is planning development projects to create new opportunities by taking up the challenge alone or in a joined endeavor with our valuable partners.

University Programs


With our University engagements we bring professional and business-related topics and feedback to the students on university programs. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn from the market and industry, connect and get prepared for the future.

Consultative Teaching

As part of the Consultative Teaching program, Concept for Change’s supports universities with review and feedback sessions on university own programs and activities.

Students or universities workgroups get engaged with Concept for Change on their own programs. Concept for Change is getting professionals or experts from around the globe involved, in reviewing the concepts, processes, presentations, collateral, or products of the student or workgroup, and providing advice, guidance, and feedback though reviews or direct engagement.

With this program, the students will improve their skills and deliverables and gain additional experiences, as well as getting valuable insides from professionals and experts. This program increases the learning factor of the own university program.

Industry Insides

Learning from experts and professional from around the globe in addition to the university program will grow university programs to new heights.

Students will be able to learn in dedicated session from professionals and experts in their fields, providing insides into their roles, functions, careers, and areas of expertise.

Students participating on these sessions will experience a unique opportunity to grow their understanding and their skills.

School Programs


Think “out of the box” is our baseline for our school programs.

We work with schools and students on different educational programs, utilizing our global network of professionals and partners. Our programs bring real life experiences, information, and interaction into the classroom, which cannot be done by a textbook.

International Communication

Learning a new language is not always easy and many students do not have the opportunity to practice the language outside their school. Here Concept for Change is supporting schools by bringing students together with people from other countries for interviews, led by the students.

With this setup Concept for Changes enables a unique learning experience. The students need to apply their foreign language skills while performing an interview with a person from a different country. During the interview the students have then the opportunity to learn from that person as well more about their country, culture, and professional career.

This is a perfect language learning experience.

Local-Global Learning

As part of our “Local-Global Learning” program, we work together which schools who like to enrich their standard curriculum by real interaction and communication with people from around the globe.

When the students are learning about a certain country, Concept for Change brings people from that country into the classroom for an interview, through a video conference. This is a perfect add-on to classroom learning and gets the students a bit closer to the country they learned about. It provides a real connect to the country and their people.

In addition, as the interviews are in English, this provides the opportunity for many students provides to practice and apply their English, as a foreign language.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Everyone knows the importance of STEM learnings. Concept for Change understands and support STEM activities and learnings as well by planning and setting up specific activities and evaluating a virtual working group of students interested in STEM.

Student Organized Projects

Managing and Organizing an own project is a great learning. We support and work with students to plan and execute their first small projects with us.

These projects can be own project ideas of the student or one of our standard projects. Nevertheless, this is a great learning experiences and the students gain valuable skills for their future.

Cultural Programs


Some people say that our culture defines who and what we are.

Within our global cultural programs, we support cultural and creative art projects. Bringing people from around the globe together, to share, learn, support, and to keep their culture, creative art, and traditions alive.

Our programs feel like protecting the foundation of all our values.

Indigenous Cultures

Indigenous Cultures are the oldest cultures we all have. If you look at them as a foundation and inspiration, there is so much to learn for everyone.

Concept for Change is supporting Indigenous Cultures, to keep them alive and in our mind, as well as to share them with people from around the globe, giving everyone the opportunity to experience these extraordinary cultures and moments.

Creative Art

Creative arts are activities that actively engage person imagination through art, dance, dramatic play or theater, puppetry, music, and video. It touched peoples cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical domains.

Supporting these projects and engagements is something special for Concept for Change, as it touches many of Concept for Change values and goals while delivering outstanding results and bringing people together.

Concerts & Performances

Supporting concerts and performances is like supporting communication and creative are, sharing culture experiences and bringing people together.

Concept for Change support concerts and performances through customized engagements, from organizing whole events to special activities like recoding, finding acts, including a cultural aspect, and more.

Local Programs


Global is local – Even our programs run globally, it is very important for us to not forget our roots. Our local engagements are key and provide many great ideas which can be replicated though our network globally, through our friends, partners, and supporters.

Children Workshops

Dedicated workshops for children are great way of learning. We get engaged with the local community, bring children together, share knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Our children workshops are defined by combining social interaction, creativity, and technology. Think about how technology can enhance playing in a creative way, by interaction with and between the children, while using technology to support the activity and the results of the workshop.

Holiday Programs

The challenge for the parents of managing the long school holiday time is more than present in any country. Concept for Change is taking up good ideas and programs from different places around the world and build with communities together a holiday program, to support parents and the children at the same time.

Sport & Social Activities

Combining locally sport and social activities are great to get out of a working routine and bring people together. Concept for Change volunteers are planning and organizing such events in local communities.

Educational Activities

Concept for Change is organizing educational workshops locally, to learn and to bring people together. These workshops are based on local needs or educational activities based on experiences from other countries and cultures.

Over the Top


There is more to be done and our mind is open for new programs and ideas.

Do the first step to realize your ideas by contacting us.


Conferences are a great platform to meet, collaborate, inform, and learn, and to grow.

Considering inviting Concept for Change to participate at your conference as speaker or become the social conference partner. This will clearly differentiate the conference from other and bring the event to new highs and open new possibilities.

Introducing the Concept for Change touch to the conference it will be the differentiator to other conferences.

Industry Events

Industry Events are an important platform to build new business relationships, share knowledge, initiate new or special projects, and define solutions.

Being the Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of choice, Concept for Change can participate actively on industry events, either as CRS partner or presenting its project and solution, which are relevant for the industry as well.


Thinking of planning a fundraising event, think about Concept for Change.

We are looking into three groups of fundraising:

We do: Concept for Change organized regularly fundraising events to support our projects and initiatives.

You do: You can do you own fundraising event and donate the funds to Concept for Change, to support Concept for Change.

Do it together: You like to do a fundraising event but not sure how to get it off the ground. Let’s do it together and it will be a great and successful memory.

Out of the blue

“The sky is the limit” … Not for us!

If you have a great idea of an initiative or project, please reach out to us. If it fits within our vision and constitution, we will evaluate together how we can realize it.

Always keep in mind, together we are stronger! Let’s get together engaged into a new and great endeavor and make it happen!