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Your opportunity to let your logo shine within our great projects and initiatives!

Sponsoring Concept for Change is a unique opportunity for you to show your logo alongside our projects, initiatives, and public appearances at social, educational, and professional/industry events, while knowing that you do good in supporting our programs.

Be proud of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement and let your logo shine. Without your support our projects are not possible!


Why sponsoring Concept for Change?

A variety of programs and engagements provide different options and opportunities to let your logo shine. You can support a specific program or project, or let it be shared across all programs of Concept for Change.

With your support you tick all boxes: Social responsible, sustainable, education, social inclusion, future oriented, local and global, …

Becoming a sponsor of Concept for Change well let you be visible to our global network of partners as well, if you want.

Concept for change needs your support and you decide how you like to support/sponsor our programs.

Our sponsoring contracts get customized for you, to make sure that you sponsor what you like to support.

Joined we align on the sponsoring approach to define a win-win relationship.


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More Information

If you need more information or if you have any questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please reach out to us, we will setup a introduction session by phone, video, or in person if possible and take it together from there.

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