Alone you are strong, together we are stronger!

A strong Partner Network is the perfect building block to reach your goals.

We all know that sometimes it is just not possible to get it done alone. It just makes sense to partner with someone to plan and execute, to achieve goals.

Concept for Change is working with not-for profit and commercial partners together, who are carefully selected based on our constitution and values. Our partnership agreements need to support the constitution of Concept for Change.


Why Partnering with Concept for Change?

Partnering with Concept for Change is a Win-Win-Win situation:

Win for you, as our Partner you get something back – it is not just giving!
Win for Concept for Change, as you become our trusted partner!
Win for people in need and the projects we are realizing!

Becoming our partner provides you the unique opportunity to be part of a great network and benefit from our projects and learnings, with an own defined level of engagement.

We fully understand, every organization is different and has different needs and visions. We know and consider that you are unique, which makes us stronger together.

No standard agreements РTo achieve the best results for everyone, we define our partnership agreements together  in an open dialog.

The uniqueness of everyone accelerates the possibilities what we can do together. We build trust, try to understand each other, and align on the best joined path forward.


Customized Partnership Agreement


More Information

If you need more information or if you have any questions to our Partnership Program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you like, we can connect you as well with our Concept for Change Ambassadors or an existing partner to get feedback or information from them.

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You are only one step away from being part of our great partner network and its benefits. To join the endeavor you only need to contact us!

Please reach out to us. We will setup a introduction session by phone, video, or in person if possible, based on your avalibility. Form there we take it together.

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Alone you are strong, together we are stronger!