HVG meets Concept for Change

in a classroom meeting & interview

Rafael A. Jaron

Rafael A. Jaron

Founder & CEO, Concept for Change
Director Public Sector Broadband Practice, Nokia

Concept for Change

Session (07.10.2020)

Meeting the new CertiLingua class of the HVG is always an interesting moment for Rafael, the founder of Concep for Change. Trust between the students and Concept for Change need to be established and the students need to understand what the program is about and what opportunities it will provides to them. Therefore Concept for Change understands the importance to have the introduction in a face to face session at the school.

As part of this introduction session and interview, Rafael shared information about his professional career and experiences from living, studying, and working in different countries, e.g. USA and Australia.

There is no recoding of the session.