Interview of Patrick Mau from Australia, alias Mau Power, by the Hermann-Vöchting-Gymnasium Blomberg (Germany)

Patrick Mau

Patrick Mau

Founder and executive director of One Blood Hidden Image
Indigenous rap singer & hip hop artist

Learning about Australia is part of the curriculum of the 9th grade of the HVG. The teacher and Concept for Change agreed that it is a great opportunity to connect the class with someone from Australia via a video conference. During that session, the students can apply and practice their English skills, while learning more about Australia from Patrick Mau alias Mau Power, an indigenous Australian.

Mau Power is a hip hop artist from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, the first Australian rapper to tour from this region. He was performing during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2018 and is also the founder and executive director of One Blood Hidden Image, the first Torres Strait independent record distribution label, film production and media company.

Interview Moments

2021-02-09 - HVG Interview 1
2021-02-09 - HVG Interview 3
2021-02-09 - HVG Interview 4

The recoding of the session is only accessable for the class, to review at school.