Lügde (Germany) – Our local commitment

Lügde (Germany)

Lügde, is very important for Concept for Change, as it is the “home town” of Concept for Change and builds the foundation for local engagements with the community.

Our engagements are based on needs and great ideas from the local community, which we realize for and with the community together.

As we work with volunteers, it is important for every engagement to enjoy and to have fun while doing something great!

School Holidays
Bike &
Local School

Upcoming Events & Activities

Due to the current COVID pandemic and related limitations, we are planning currently evaluating options for events and activities for 2022.
Details will be announce once available.

School Holidays Activities

Concept for Change is supporting the local community by participating within the School Holiday Program, offering activities for the children during their school holidays.

The activities can be simple outdoor activities, creative workshops, or virtual educational session. The type of activities offered depends on the availability of volunteers, venue, needed equipment and material, as well as weather condition for outdoor activities.

Past Activities

2021 – No participation due to the avalibility of volunteers based on the COVID pandemic

2020 – Children Workshop: Stop Motion Video with Playmobil

2020-07-00 - Ferien Spass 1
2020-07-00 - Ferien Spass 2
2020-07-00 - Ferien Spass 3

Bike & BBQ

Everyone is welcome to join Concept for Changes Bike & BBQ fundraising activity.

It is fun! It is healthy! It is yummy!

We take our bicycles for a nice and relaxed ride though nature, followed by a BBQ in a cozy round.

During the BBQ, we will ask for a donation to cover the cost of food and drinks provided, and to support the activities of Concept for Change. The amount of donation is fully up to you!


Since 2020, Concept for Change is organizing between April and September regularly it’s Bike & BBQ events. With currently 5 to 15 participants joining, there is certainly room for more people to come along, enjoy the ride, and have fun.

It is certainly a great opportunity to get together, to meet new or other people, and to have some fun, while supporting Concept for Change.

School Engagements

Concept for Change likes to get engaged with the local schools, to work with the students, to inform and educate, or to run a small project at or with the school.

Rafael, founder of Concept for Change got engaged with the local school in Lügde (Germany) even before Concept for Change was founded. He got engaged with different classes to share his global experiences and career path, considering that he was himself once at the local school in Lügde.

Past engagements with the local school were focusing on information session and a Playmobil Donation collection. The collected Playmobil is used for creative workshops with children.


Community Support

Concept for Change is part of the local community and supporting local events, projects, and other social and community organizations.

Lügde Marketing

Concept for Change is a member of Lügde Marketing

To stay in close contact with the community, Concept for Change is member of “Lügde Marketing e.V.”.


Freiwillige Feuerwehr Lügde (Germany)

Volunteer firefighters Lügde

We all know how important it is to have a fire brigade available in each town and city. But many people do not know what it takes and what is needed to train and to become a firefighter.

Concept for Change knows what it takes and supports in particular fire brigade with people volunteering to become a firefighters, like in Lügde.

 The volunteer brigade and firefighters in Lügde are doing a great job, not only in fighting fires but getting young boys and girls already involved in becoming a volunteering firefighter.

 Concept for Change supported in the past the volunteer brigade in Lügde with collecting and donating gifts, which the fire brigade used in a tombola to raise funds for needed equipment to train young firefighters.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have anything you like to donate in kind or financially to support the fire brigade. We can get you the right contact or arrange it for you.


Children Workshops

Concept for Change is planning and organizing workshops for children within the fields of creative art and STEM, to combine learning and fun as well as the use of technology to learn and for creativity.

2018-11-03 - Workshop 2
2018-11-03 - Workshop 4
2018-11-03 - Workshop 1
2018-11-03 - Workshop 6
2018-11-03 - Workshop 5
2018-11-03 - Workshop 3

Family Events

Inspired by the “Big Bang Festival” in Belgium and other family events in Germany, Concept for Change likes to bring similar events to Lügde, showing that such events have a home in a small town as well as in large cities.


Family Fun

The first “Family Fun” was planned for September 2020, within the “Schützenhaus” in Lügde. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, Concept for Change had no other option than to cancel the event.

Everyone knows, such an event needs a lot of planning and preparation. With the current uncertainty of running events in the time of a pandemic, Concept for Change has decided not to waste the time and efforts of its volunteers, in planning events which cannot be executed. Therefore the Family Fun events will be postponed until execution can be guaranteed.